Hydrocortisone The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly If you look around the pharmacy, you can find hydrocortisone in the skincare aisle, hemorrhoids aisle, and even in the first aid section. It is available in creams, gels, ointments, suppositories, and more. It is



Hipotiroidismo: ¿37.0° (98.6 °) de verdad es normal? Durante la década de 1860, un estudio amplio con más de  25,000 pacientes reveló que la temperatura promedio en el rango “normal” era de 37 °C (98.6 °F). Con base en aquel estudio, aceptamos que 37.0°

Todo está en el equilibrio


Todo está en el equilibrio... ¿Qué tan importante es tener un equilibrio hormonal adecuado? ¿Las hormonas que nos mantienen sanas y felices pueden ser las mismas que causan Cada aspecto de nuestro estilo de vida puede afectar al equilibrio hormonal y, de

Autoimmune Disease


An Overview of Autoimmune Disease Autoimmune diseases occur when our own immune system begins to attack the body. The immune system is a complex system, playing a major role in protecting the body from disease. However, in some cases, the immune system may be tricked into triggering

Balancing Your Hormones


It's All About Balance... How Proper Hormone Balance Affects Women’s Health Hormones comprise a delicately balanced system in the body. People with a healthy hormone balance tend to enjoy long, healthy, and productive lives, but long-term hormone imbalances may take their toll on



A Quiet Epidemic of Bladder Troubles Approximately 25 million Americans suffer from involuntary loss of urine (urinary incontinence) and that number is growing rapidly as the Baby Boomers age. Yet, even with those staggering numbers, it is also believed to be the most under-reported,

Bone Health


No Bones About It! Healthy bones are one of the most important factors in maintaining a higher quality of life as we age. Fractures resulting from osteoporosis are more likely among older adults, and often so debilitating that many people never fully recover

Breast Health Awareness


Breast Health Awareness When talking about breast health, most women think of cancer as their primary concern. While breast cancer is a serious health problem, many breast conditions are not necessarily associated with breast cancer. These conditions often do not indicate breast cancer, though

Beyond Fatigue


Beyond Fatigue Exploring the Roots of Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, and Other Syndromes Fatigue is one of the primary complaints that doctors hear from their patients, day after day, week after week. Not only is it a symptom of many health conditions, it is

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