Dr. Katharina Dalton’s Impact on Women’s International Pharmacy

– Written by the Women’s International Pharmacy Staff

Dr. Katharina Dalton’s studies, and other studies like hers, provided the basis of knowledge for many pharmacists including our founder, Wallace (Wally) Simons. Wally used his scientific understanding of progesterone to benefit the women coming to his pharmacy from the “PMS Clinic” next door. Wally knew the importance of creating a progesterone formulation that would be absorbed via the lymphatic system into the blood stream rather than immediately being broken down by the liver when taken orally. Today, 28 years later, WIP pharmacists are still utilizing and expanding upon the core compounding practices Wally developed. One of our pharmacists, Carol Petersen, was recently recognized in Pharmacy Today‘s June profile edition in an article titled Compound interest: Petersen shares expertise on women’s health, leads APhA-APPM Compounding SIG. The legacy of Women’s International Pharmacy’s mission to find solutions to meet patient-specific needs endures.