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Educational Resources

Women’s International Pharmacy is dedicated to the education of our customers and practitioners. This page highlights some of the ways a patient or practitioner may acquire even more information on bioidentical hormones. Whether you are just starting with hormones or been a customer for years, there is always something new to be learned!


Connections, a publication of Women’s International Pharmacy, is dedicated to the education and management of hormone-related conditions and therapies.


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Book List

Women’s International Pharmacy has chosen an assortment of books to share as resources for our customers and practitioners. Be sure to check them out!

Related Links

Women’s International Pharmacy has put together a list of resources for our patients and practitioners in order to help educate on the topic of hormones.

Hormone Testing

Our hormone testing page is a list of laboratories that might be able to assist in identifying possible hormone deficiencies or excesses through various testing methods.

More Info

Still looking for more? Request an informational packet that will help get you started with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.