Estrogen Resources

For years, estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) has been a topic of interest–and controversy–among medical professionals. Women’s International Pharmacy has published or collected various educational resources that explore the safe and beneficial uses of the body’s natural forms of estrogen.


The widely-publicized halting of studies on some estrogen products generated fear and confusion about all hormone therapies, especially estrogen. Follow-up studies have compounded the issues with contradictory results regarding both the benefits and the risks of estrogen therapy. So, are estrogens friend…or foe?

adrenal estrogens

Adrenal Estrogens

Estrogens produced by the adrenal glands contribute to inflammatory diseases. If a practitioner only measures estradiol levels and then supplements with estrogen when the estradiol levels are low, this could lead to an excess in total estrogen levels in the body leading to problems resulting from too much estrogen.

Autoimmune Disease

This article features estriol in its treatment of multiple sclerosis. The effects of oral hormonal treatment for MS, tested by Dr. Nancy Sicotte and colleagues, showed that estriol, a pregnancy hormone, when given to nonpregnant women with MS, helped to decrease MS symptoms.

The Bioidentical Hormone Debate

Dr. Kent Holtorf evaluates evidence comparing bioidentical hormones, including progesterone, estradiol, and estriol, with the commonly used non-bioidentical versions of HRT for risks for breast cancer and cardiovascular disease, physiologic actions on breast tissue, and clinical efficacy.

Bioidentical Hormone Review

Dr. Deborah Moskowitz reviews the safety and efficacy of bioidentical hormones for the management of menopause and related health risks. Discover how estriol is used in bioidentical hormone therapy.

broccoli and hormone balance

Broccoli and Hormones

Broccoli is connected to hormone balance by its effect on how the body breaks down estrogen. Often we read that the body produces three estrogens: estrone, estradiol and estriol. While this is true, the dozens of estrogen metabolites the body creates as it breaks down these estrogens are often ignored.

Estriol: Safety and Efficacy

Dr. Kathleen A. Head explores the safety and efficacy of estriol and its effect on controlling symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, insomnia, vaginal dryness, and frequent urinary tract infections.

Book Review – Estrogen’s Storm Season

Perimenopause has long been characterized as the time of life when women experience a decline in estrogen production. Dr. Jerilynn Prior claims this is not so; in fact, she has found in her studies that women experience the highest estrogen levels in their entire lifetime during perimenopause.

from WHI to KEEPs

From WHI to KEEPS: Two Studies on the Effects of Estrogen Therapy

The Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) investigated differences between two common synthetic hormone therapies. Researchers at the Kronos Longevity Research Institute recognized an opportunity to improve on the WHI study and initiated the Kronos Early Estrogen Prevention Study (KEEPS).

hormones for hot flashes

Hormones for Hot Flashes

Estradiol is FDA-approved for the treatment of hot flashes as well as for the prevention of osteoporosis. Misinterpretation of the WHI Study has generated apprehension regarding the use of bioidentical hormones for hot flashes.

hormones mood and emotion

Hormones, Mood and Emotion

Women’s International Pharmacy had an opportunity to speak with Dr. Phyllis Bronson, author of Moods, Emotion, and Aging. Dr. Bronson believes one of the keys to successful aging is being able to “hang out with uncertainty,” especially during such a transitional period in one’s life.

how to b vitamins affect estrogen metabolites

How Do B Vitamins Affect Estrogen Metabolites?

As estrogen breaks down in the body, some by-products are considered to be more beneficial than others. For example, 2-hydroxyestrogen metabolites are believed to help guard against breast and prostate cancers. However, this protective effect occurs only after a process called methylation takes place in the liver.



Some metalloestrogens are essential minerals, but when the amounts of these minerals exceed the amount needed by the body, they begin to interfere with the hormone receptors. Other metalloestrogens, such as cadmium, aluminum, and lead, are not needed by the body in any amount.

moods emotions and aging

Book Review – Moods, Emotions, and Aging

Dr. Phyllis Bronson is a rare individual who brings science to practice in her role as a clinical biochemist. Her book will help equip and inform anyone facing the challenges of hormone imbalance, particularly as it relates to the aging process.

A Quiet Epidemic of Bladder Troubles

This piece discusses bladder health and urinary incontinence. Through exploring hormone therapies to treat urinary issues, estriol is discussed for treating chronic urinary tract infections.

skin deep look at hormones

Skin Deep Look at Hormones

This article explores the effects of hormones on skin. Specific to estriol, a study using topical estriol 0.3% cream showed improved elasticity and firmness of the skin and decreased wrinkle depth and pore sizes.

vaginal use of estriol

Vaginal Use of Estriol

Estriol is one of the three main estrogens made in a woman’s body. Discover how the use of vaginal estriol can improve the condition of the urinary tract and vaginal tissue.