Healthy Aging Resources

Aging often carries the negative connotation of declining health and abilities, mentally as well as physically. However, aging is actually a natural process of how our bodies change over time. Below are compiled some resources from Women’s International Pharmacy centered on how to age successfully, avoid disease, and use our bodies and minds to their fullest potential.

Successful Aging

When it comes to geriatrics, most physicians tend to treat symptoms rather than search out the root cause(s) of those symptoms. Successful aging goes beyond the ramifications of physical health, incorporating cognitive function, social support, and satisfying life experiences.

adipose tissue during menopause

Adipose Tissue Distribution During Menopause

Aging is naturally accompanied by an increase in body fat, or adipose tissue. Excess adipose tissue may lead to increased risk of certain diseases. However, this harmful increase in adipose tissue mass may be partly reversed by hormone replacement therapy (HRT) during the peri- and postmenopausal periods.

aging is cholesterol starvation

Aging is Cholesterol Starvation

Aging is cholesterol starvation because the ability to make cholesterol diminishes as we age, affecting many functions in the body. Cholesterol is vital to health because it serves as the starting material for producing sex and adrenal hormones, vitamin D, as well as bile for digestion.

blood sugar and the aging brain

Blood Sugar and the Aging Brain

This short article investigates the possible connection between diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease–two health conditions that are often associated with the negative effects of aging.

controlling stress promotes healthy aging

Controlling Stress Promotes Healthy Aging

Controlling cortisol and insulin levels are essential strategies in the quest for healthy aging. These hormones cause an increase in metabolic stress, leading to abdominal weight gain and chronic inflammation among other health concerns.

edge effect

Book Review – The Edge Effect

In The Edge Effect: Achieve Total Health and Longevity with the Balanced Brain Advantage, Dr. Eric Braverman introduces the notion of a series of “pauses” that occur as we age, such as menopause.

Book Review – The End of Alzheimer’s

The End of Alzheimer’s presents an opportunity to forestall and correct the onslaught of this devastating disease. This review outlines how author Dr. Dale Bredesen demonstrates that patients with Alzheimer’s disease do have treatment options.

hormones and the aging voice

Hormones and the Aging Voice

The voice is extremely sensitive to hormone changes. Unlike the dramatic changes a young man’s voice goes through at puberty, the changes that happen to a woman’s voice are gradual, often taking years. So, what is going on with hormones to affect the voice?

hormones mood and emotion

Hormones, Mood and Emotion

Women’s International Pharmacy had an opportunity to speak with Dr. Phyllis Bronson, author of Moods, Emotion, and Aging. Dr. Bronson believes one of the keys to successful aging is being able to “hang out with uncertainty,” especially during such a transitional period in one’s life.

immortality edge

Book Review – The Immortality Edge

Telomeres appear at the ends of DNA strands and appear to protect the DNA during cell division. Longer-lived adults have longer strands. Shorter telomere strands have been linked to chronic diseases. This book discusses the search for methods that support keeping the telomere strands long.

elena mcherron

Interview with Elena McHerron

Over many years of personal health problems, Elena McHerron collected a lot of personal experience with health-related symptoms, misdiagnoses, and less-than-helpful treatments. This interview delves into how she got into health activism and became a motivator to others.

is dhea beneficial to aging skin

Is DHEA Beneficial to Aging Skin?

Some have called DHEA a “super hormone” and an “anti-aging panacea;” this article examines whether this bold reputation extends to the skin.


Menopause is a crossroads of sorts; the choices you make at this time of life have a significant impact on future health. This Connections e-Book discusses the symptoms of menopause as well as ways to improve your journey through this natural life transition.

A Mid-Life Checkup

A mid-life checkup is an opportunity to discuss your family medical history, evaluate your current health condition and screen for potential future problems. It also provides a valuable baseline for monitoring the many “normal” physical and hormonal changes you go through as you age.

moods emotions and aging

Book Review – Moods, Emotions, and Aging

Dr. Phyllis Bronson is a rare individual who brings science to practice in her role as a clinical biochemist. Her book will help equip and inform anyone facing the challenges of hormone imbalance, particularly as it relates to the aging process.

No Bones About It!

Healthy bones are one of the most important factors in maintaining quality of life as we age. Maintaining good bone health requires more than simply drinking your milk and taking a multivitamin. Read this Connections e-Book to learn how you can have a positive impact on your bone health by making the right choices in other aspects of your life.

sarcopenia age related muscle loss

Sarcopenia: Age-Related Muscle Loss

Sarcopenia illustrates how hormone deficiencies hinder us from achieving optimal health. Fortunately, our ability to supplement the hormones that decline as we age may help stave off the effects of sarcopenia and other age-related conditions.

september is healthy aging month

September is Healthy Aging Month

Interest in healthy, successful aging has spawned several professional medical groups that are actively addressing the issues. Although it is not their primary focus, the practitioners in these groups support the belief that adequate and balanced levels of hormones are one of the foundations of successful aging.