Menopause Resources

Menopause is a crossroads of sorts. The choices women make at this time of life may have a significant impact on their menopausal experience as well as their future health. Fortunately, there are several steps that can be taken to improve the journey. Check out the resources below to learn more about hormonal influences on menopause and what treatments are available.

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The common misconception persists that menopause should be feared and treated as if it were a disease. Menopause is nothing to fear and it is not a disease—it is a natural life transition.

are more women choosing personalized medicine

Are More Women Choosing Personalized Medicine?

This article responds to a study comparing bioidentical hormones with FDA-approved synthetic medications, pointing out its flaws and explaining how customized bioidentical hormone therapies are at the cutting edge of healthcare.

broccoli and hormone balance

Broccoli and Hormone Balance

Did you wonder why, as menopause looms, health and wellness literature implores you to eat more broccoli? What does broccoli do? How much broccoli are we talking about? Do we have to eat it every day?

Book Review – Estrogen’s Storm Season

Perimenopause has long been characterized as the time of life when women experience a decline in estrogen production. Dr. Prior claims this is not so; in fact, the hormone that is in decline is actually progesterone, which is needed to offset the effects of high estrogen levels.

hormones for hot flashes

Hormones for Hot Flashes

According to Dr. Kent Holtorf, treating hot flashes with bioidentical hormones is safer and more effective than conventional hormone replacement therapy using synthetic medications. Individualizing therapy and balancing hormone benefits vs. risks is the key to successful management of menopausal hot flashes.

hot flashes and heart disease

Hot Flashes and Heart Disease

Hot flashes and night sweats are the primary reason women seek menopause-related health care. This short article reviews two studies that focused on the connection between menopause and cardiovascular disease.

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It’s All About Balance

This eBook looks at the role that different hormones play in our body, and what happens when the delicate balance between these hormones is upset.

moods emotions and aging

Book Review – Moods, Emotions and Aging

Dr. Phyllis Bronson’s book will equip anyone facing the challenges of hormone deficiencies, including imbalances experienced during menopause.