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woman balancing on wallHormone treatments of all kinds are growing steadily more popular. Women are taking proactive approaches to finding a healthy hormone balance. Many women feel that if they can keep things in balance they can prevent adverse health conditions from insidiously developing over the years, producing problems with more dangerous consequences. Women are now less likely to accept their lot in life, especially an unhealthy state of being. Read more.

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By Carol Petersen, RPh, CNP


Dry eyes can be very uncomfortable.  People with dry eyes complain of burning, grittiness, redness and ironically, excessive tearing.  Wearing contact lenses may be irritating, or even impossible, for people with dry eyes.


Why do eyes get dry?


Medical conditions such as arthritis, lupus, diabetes, sarcoidosis, and salivary gland disease can lead to dry eyes. In addition, the tendency to drink less water as we age, the dependence on soft drinks for fluid replacement, local water shortages and hot, dry weather can all lead to dehydration in the eyes.

Many medications also contribute to dry eyes. Antihistamines often cause dry and irritated eyes. Antidepressants like Prozac® can cause dry mouth and eyes, causing vision problems. Drugs for dizziness, birth control pills, diuretics, and blood pressure medications all increase the chances of dry eyes.

Behavioral and environmental issues also contribute to dry eyes. Drinking lots of coffee, being around cigarette smoke, wearing contact lenses, spending time in buildings with air conditioning or heating, traveling in airplanes, being in ultraviolet light, staring at a computer screen, and not blinking can also cause dry eyes.


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guinea pig & dog






In 1997, Pet Health Pharmacy opened as a division of Women's International Pharmacy, Inc. We brought our same careful compounding skills and procedures to offer individualized medications and solutions for companion animals as we do with people.


Are there disorders in pets associated with hormone deficiencies and can bioidentical hormone therapies be used in animals just as we can with people? "Yes!" according to Dr. Alfred Plechner, DVM  who has written and lectured extensively on this subject. To learn more, we'd like to refer you to his website For more information about Pet Health Pharmacy and their services, go to



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small heartFebruary is American Heart Month 

Testosterone -
The Heart Healthy Hormone


According to government data, a woman age 55 or older or a man age 45 or older are at an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Dr. Jonathan Wright declares in his book, Maximize Your Vitality and Potency For Men Over 40 , that testosterone is a heart healthy hormone. For more information about Heart Disease and testosterone in men and/or women, click on the links below.

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