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A Connection With Yeast

A Generalized Imbalance That May Leave you Feeling "Bad All Over"


Tired woman with hand on head."Of all the things I've lost in my life, I miss my mind the most" is a humorous line found on posters and refrigerator magnets. Less humorous are the real complaints of Candida albicans, a common yeast organism, including mental fogging, the inability to concentrate, a short attention span, a feeling of general spaciness, a loss of former alertness, and poor memory. Candida patients often have to read some things at least three times, and to their despair, they are unable to retain it.


The symptoms affecting the mind - added to the chronic complaints of low energy, fatigue, depression, irritability, angry outbursts, migraine headaches, bladder irritations and infections, intermittent diarrhea, constipation, bloating, indigestion, allergic reactions, chemical intolerances to foods, skin eruptions, vaginal discharge and itching, menstrual irregularities, severe menstrual cramps, blurred vision, and sinusitis - may make you feel as if you are losing your mind! Your healthcare provider may even have hinted that "it's all in your head" after not being able to discover a specific medical diagnosis to cover your medical complaints. Thousands of people have been labeled mentally or emotionally ill when they indeed have a legitimate health problem.


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The Immortality Edge

by Michael Fossel, MD, PhD; Greta Blackburn and Dave Woynarowski, MD
Reviewed by Carol Petersen, RPH, CNP - Women's International Pharmacy


Cover of The Immortality Edge by Michael Fossel, MDOn October 29, 2009, Carol Greider, Elizabeth Blackburn and Jack Szostak were awarded the Nobel prize in medicine. Their work concentrated on the role of telomeres and chromosomes and the discovery of an enzyme called telomerase. They may have discovered the very key to immortality.

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Elena McHerron, "A Motivator"
Interviewed by Carol Petersen, RPH, CNP - Women's International Pharmacy


Elena McHerron just celebrated her 80th birthday. She claims that the best thing about getting old is that she has learned so much. Because she is more than willing to share what she's learned, she describes herself as a motivator - and many of her followers agree.


Today, Elena is active and feeling good, but that wasn't always the case. When she was most ill, she remembers a voice in her head saying "You will be a part of the transition of medicine," which has fueled her interest in and passion for solving health problems.


Since the early 90s, this remarkable woman has opened her home to the Candida Multi-Allergy Support Group, which helps people deal with health issues that have stymied the medical profession.


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It's National Cholesterol Education Month!


September is National Cholesterol Education Month, a good time to get your blood cholesterol checked and take steps to lower it if it is high. National Cholesterol Education Month is also a good time to learn about lipid profiles and about food and lifestyle choices that help you reach personal cholesterol goals.


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Natasha Campbell-McBride, in her book "Gut and Psychology Syndrome," theorizes that many human maladies, including autism, ADD, ADHD, and psychiatric disorders such as depression and even schizophrenia, may be rooted in a derangement of normal gut flora. She postulates that poor intestinal health is passed down from mother to child and exacerbated by bottle-feeding, overuse of antibiotics and contraceptive pills.


Science is beginning to support this theory. BioMed Central Gastroenterology published a preliminary report this past March which looked at GI flora in autistic children. They observed a deficit in bifidobacterium and a surplus of lactobacillus among other things.  


Ask your pharmacist about your options for probiotic products. 

Autism Now Series: A Viewer's Guide by Maureen Hoch


Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD


Gastrointestinal flora and gastrointestinal status in children with autism

by James B. Adas, et al BMC Gastroenterol. 2011


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