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PMS: From Puberty to Menopause

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a monthly condition that afflicts women of all ages, ranging from young girls (sometimes even before menses) to women approaching menopause.

There is always a new generation experiencing the monthly puzzle of PMS-related symptoms for the first time. Previous generations struggle with changing symptoms as their reproductive systems evolve with their life stages.

For example, mothers and their adolescent daughters - both possibly subject to monthly mood swings and irritability, although perhaps for different reasons - may even end up on the same cycle, which can cause considerable hardship for everyone in the household.

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Bring Back Progesterone?
Written by Carol Petersen, RPH, CNP - Women's International Pharmacy

In the Beginning...

During the 1930s, several independent research groups were exploring the effects of a new substance now known as progesterone. The first supplies were extracted from human placenta and consequently extremely expensive. The first semi-synthetic supplies were derived from steroid-like plant components at Parke Davis in 1940. From that point on, the drug companies have been in a race to improve on nature. They began looking at derivatives that would behave like progesterone but could be taken less frequently, or absorbed more efficiently, and - most importantly of all - be a brand new molecule that would be eligible for patent protection.

By 1948, Dr. Katharina Dalton, a medical pioneer working in England, was already treating patients with different formulations of progesterone. She demonstrated success with injectable progesterone and, later on, with large doses delivered vaginally or rectally, providing relief in some of the most severe cases of PMS (premenstrual syndrome).

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One Year Anniversary

Wow! We can't believe "Stay Connected" is one-year old already! Women's International Pharmacy would like to sincerely thank our community of readers for making our first year a big success. In those 12 short months we have grown our readership to include over 13,000 health-conscious individuals!

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PMS: From Puberty to Menopause
Bring Back Progesterone?
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Mortar and Pestle

Thyroid Awareness Month
Is there a thyroid-PMS connection?

Provided by

Kathy Lynch, Pharm.D - Women's InternationalPharmacy

Thyroid dysfunction, including hyper and hypothyroidism as well as the presence of thyroid antibodies, has been observed in women with PMS

In these women, greater levels of reverse T3 (inactive thyroid) have been measured during the two weeks preceding menstrual bleeding (luteal phase) as compared to the two week during and after bleeding (follicular phase).

If you suffer from PMS, have your practitioner check your thyroid levels.


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