Book Review:
The Bulletproof Diet

by Dave Asprey

The Bulletproof Diet and Biohacking Bioidentical Hormones

Written by Carol Petersen, RPh, CNP - Women's International Pharmacy

In "computerese," to hack means
to devise or modify a computer program, usually skillfully. Dave Asprey challenges us to use the concept of "biohacking" in his 2014 book, "The Bulletproof Diet." 


Dave Asprey is an early Silicon Valley computer engineer who made millions with Internet hacking. He describes hacking as needing to make complex systems work even when all the pieces of the puzzle are not available. In that respect, he came to understand that the human body is very much like a complex computer program, with some data that is missing or misunderstood. He speculated that it would be possible to use "biohacking" to solve his own health problems.


At the start of his quest, Dave Asprey writes, he was in miserable shape. He weighed 300 pounds and was unable to lose the extra weight, even though he followed various diets and a strenuous exercise program. Other health issues included chronic sinus infections, strep throat, foggy brain and difficulty maintaining focus. He was always tired and overwhelmed with the stress in his life.


Asprey came to look at his body as a complex system. He engaged in what he calls "biohacking," or "the art of using technology to change the environment inside and outside of your body to take control and make it what you want." His endpoints of success would be measures such as as how he felt, how he performed, the success of his relationships with others, and overall happiness. Just as programmers look to find potential flaws, he took to "troubleshooting" his environment, evaluating what was working and what was not in a scientific manner.


Get the Lead Out

Written by Carol Petersen, RPh, CNP - Women's International Pharmacy 

As soon as Dr. Joseph Hickey of Hilton Head, South Carolina begins to speak, you feel fortunate, because you are hearing from the kind of physician who has become a rarity. He is a "people person," tender and compassionate, as well as a scientist and scholar. Hickey is a keen observer of life who uses his skills to help patients and inspire other physicians and practitioners to look a little deeper.


Recently, I participated in a discussion with Dr. Hickey about the health issues caused by lead, mercury and cadmium. He neatly linked up obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and atrial fibrillation to an underlying toxicity caused by heavy metals. Hickey offers specific warnings about lead. Lead tends to be sequestered in the bone, replacing calcium; it stores there for decades, releasing slowly.


Then he began to speak about toxemia of pregnancy. The blood pressure is extremely high and blood vessels are constricted, leading to an inability to get blood to the fetus. Both the baby's and the mother's lives are threatened. Few in the medical industry try to understand how this is happening. The term "idiopathic" is frequently used. This simply indicates that they have no idea what the underlying cause may be.


Dr. Hickey proposes that we look to lead toxicity as the underlying cause of toxemia of pregnancy. Lead has been identified as a cause of hypertension. Lead blocks the production of nitric oxide (NO), which serves to relax our blood vessels. During pregnancy, the fetus becomes a parasite and depends on the calcium in the bones of the mother to start to form its own skeleton. As the mother's bones are breaking down, the lead is now displaced and free to attach to other organs. In the case of hypertension, the vascular blood system is affected.


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January is Cervical Health Awareness Month: Green Tea Suppositories

Written by Kathy Lynch, PharmD - Women's International Pharmacy

The American Cancer Society estimates that 12,360 new cases of invasive cervical cancer and 4,020 deaths will be reported for 2014. Cervical cancer was a common cause of cancer death in America for years, but the death rate has drastically declined due to widespread use of the Pap test. Now, cervical dysplasia, a pattern of abnormal cervical cell growth, is far more likely to be diagnosed.

Pharmacist Corner


Green tea extracts may be attractive alternative options to treating

 these precancerous cells. Green tea is a powerful antioxidant with antiviral, anti-tumor properties. Dosage forms include ointments, capsules, suppositories and even dietary tea.


A systematic review of three studies found that Polyphenon E ointment, a plant extract derived from green tea leaves, is both effective and safe in the treatment of external genital warts, a common cause of cervical dysplasia. Another study found that green tea extracts, in ointment and capsule form, were effective in treating cervical lesions. A dietary study in China found that drinking more green tea, along with eating more fresh vegetables, reduced the risk of developing cervical cancer. 


Veregen, a water extract of green tea, has been approved by the FDA for the external treatment of genital warts. Talk to your compounding pharmacist if you are interested in knowing more about green tea suppositories.



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