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Practitioner Instructions

Pharmacy Hours

Mon - Fri: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm (CST/MST*)

Sat: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm (CST/MST*)

* Please note: During the months of daylight saving time (Mar - Nov), the AZ Pharmacy hours coincide with PST rather than MST.

New Prescriptions and Refill Authorizations

  • Call: 800.279.5708 (press option 1)
  • Fax: 800.279.8011
  • Mail:
    • Eastern/Central States - excluding AR (WI Pharmacy):
      Women's International Pharmacy
      2 Marsh Court
      Madison, WI 53718

    • Mountain/Pacific States - including AR (AZ Pharmacy):
      Women's International Pharmacy
      12012 N. 111th Avenue
      Youngtown, AZ 85363

Prescription Delivery

We make every effort to compound and process your patients' prescription(s) within 24 hours of receipt. Once the prescription is filled, the medication will then be delivered in 2-3 days by USPS Priority Mail® with Delivery Confirmation™.

  • Expedited Shipping. Expedited shipping is available and must be requested when placing the order.

  • Pharmacy Pickup. We need 24 hours to process orders.

Your patients may reorder their prescription(s) by the following:

  • Automatic Mail Service: Refills may be automatically shipped to your patients.

  • Automated Refill Line: 800.279.5708 (press option 2 then press option 2)

  • Online Refills: Order refills on our secure website.

  • Refill Order Form: Located at the bottom of the invoice, payment is required at time of order.

  • Speak to a technician: 800.279.5708 (press option 2 then press option 4)

Our consulting pharmacists are here to answer technical questions from healthcare practitioners, clinic staff, and patients on specific formulations and/or dosages for hormone related imbalances. Educational information is also available to you and your patients upon request.

We Welcome Your Suggestions and Inquiries

Your feedback will assist us in providing the best customer care for you and your patients. Please call 800.279.5708 or email with your questions or comments.