January 2022

Q. My Invoice looks different, the price is higher than the last time I ordered my medication through you. 

Recently Women’s International moved to an All-In-One Pricing that now includes your prepared medication, medication device (if applicable), and USPS Priority Mail ($7.95 value). In the past you would see these items listed out separately. 

Q. Has the price of my medication gone up?  

Yes, there has been a modest increase in the price of your medication. If you have questions, please contact the pharmacy at 800.279.5708. 

Q. How do you calculate your pricing?  

Our pricing is now based on a very simple calculation including: 

1.         The number of ingredients in your custom compounded medication 

2.         Devices if applicable 

3.         USPS Priority Shipping 

4.         The dosage form (creams, capsules, suppository, etc) 

5.         Quantity  


Later this year we will have an online calculator for you to use so that you and the prescriber will know exactly how much your medication will cost before you even leave their office. This will give you full price transparency.  

Q. How does your price compare to competitors?  

In the Fall of 2021 we conducted an extensive research project comparing our prices to both national and small local pharmacies throughout the country. Even with our modest increase, we remain among the lowest price in the country.  

Q. Has the shipping method changed? 

No it has not.  We have found that the most reliable, consistent, and cost-effective method of shipping is USPS Priority Mail. All orders include USPS Priority Mail. If you wish to have your order shipped via another carrier, we have FedEx and UPS available for an additional charge.