Progesterone Resources

Progesterone is an essential hormone for a long and healthy life. It is also necessary for balancing or facilitating many other hormones and nutrients, and it is a component of almost all other hormone activity in the body. Below you will find a compilation of Women’s International Pharmacy’s resources relating to this versatile and vital hormone.

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A Lifetime of Progesterone

Progesterone’s contributions to a lifetime of overall health and well-being are numerous. This e-Book outlines the effects of progesterone throughout each life stage.

bioidentical progesterone vs synthetic progestins

Bioidentical Progesterone vs. Synthetic Progestins

There is nothing that bothers bioidentical hormone proponents more than to have the scientific community categorize bioidentical progesterone with synthetic progestins. This short piece outlines the history of how this misconception has occurred as well as clarifies the difference between the two hormone treatment options.

dr. katharina dalton's impact on women's international pharmacy

Dr. Katharina Dalton’s Impact on Women’s International Pharmacy

Along with similar studies, Dr. Katharina Dalton’s research into bioidentical hormone replacement therapy provided the basis of knowledge for many pharmacists –including Women’s International Pharmacy founder Wallace Simons.

hormones and the aging voice

Hormones and the Aging Voice

This article investigates the various effects that hormones have on the voice. For female singers with progesterone deficiency, a condition is known as dysphonia premensturalis may occur. Without enough progesterone, estrogen becomes dominant in the luteal phase (or during PMS), and voice clarity or efficiency suffers.

hormones mood and emotion

Hormones, Mood and Emotion

Women’s International Pharmacy had an opportunity to speak with Dr. Phyllis Bronson, author of Moods, Emotion, and Aging. Dr. Bronson believes one of the keys to successful aging is being able to “hang out with uncertainty,” especially during such a transitional period in one’s life.

moods emotions and aging

Book Review – Moods, Emotions, and Aging

Dr. Phyllis Bronson is a rare individual who brings science to practice in her role as a clinical biochemist. Her book will help equip and inform anyone facing the challenges of hormone imbalance, particularly as it relates to the aging process.

pcos and hormones

PCOS and Hormones

Imbalances of the hormones testosterone, insulin, and progesterone play a critical role in the various symptoms of PCOS and the other conditions that may be associated with it.

ovulation is crucial

Premenstrual Syndrome Worksheet

Dr. Katharina Dalton was a pioneer of research into the symptoms, causes, and treatment of PMS. She developed a monitoring system help women keep track of  PMS symptoms throughout their menstrual cycle.

progesterone for mental health

Progesterone for Mental Health

When treating mental illness, often the goal of treatment is to return patients to society; successful “treatment” may not include a “cure” for the condition. Recent studies suggest hormones–specifically, progesterone—may offer some solutions not found in standard treatments.

progesterone for treating tbi and stroke

Progesterone for Treating Traumatic Brain Injury and Stroke

This short article discusses how one study indicates that progesterone may be used for treating brain traumas caused by injury or stroke.

progesterone key to stabilizing insulin levels

Progesterone Is the Key to Stabilizing Insulin Levels

Michael E. Platt, MD believes that the primary cause of high insulin is declining progesterone, the hormone predominantly involved in controlling and stabilizing insulin.

progesterone may help control perimenstrual seizures

Progesterone May Help Control Perimenstrual Seizures

Progesterone not only protects nerve tissue after traumatic injury, but can act as an anti-epileptic as well. It is particularly beneficial when used in women suffering from perimenstrual seizures.

progesterone therapy then and now

Progesterone Therapy Then and Now

We now know more about the relationships among progesterone and other hormones, particularly estrogens and thyroid. With better tools for assessing both physical and mental health conditions, we also have a better ability to determine how to use progesterone therapy in treating a variety of conditions, including PMS.

tribute to dr. katharina dalton

A Tribute to Dr. Katharina Dalton

In her research for treating PMS, Dr. Dalton used bioidentical progesterone and was adamant that–contrary to what her medical colleagues believed–other synthetic derivatives of progesterone should not be used.