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Women’s International Pharmacy is dedicated to the education of our customers and practitioners. While testosterone is one of the best-known hormones—particularly regarding men’s health—its function covers a wide range of health benefits to both men and women. This page highlights resources focused on testosterone’s role in the body, as well as the myriad uses of testosterone replacement therapy.

Testosterone: It’s Not Just for Men Anymore!

Although it is classified as one of the androgens, or “male” hormones, testosterone is also vital for women.

Could Red Wine Prolong the Effects of Testosterone?

Does that glass of red wine you enjoy with dinner affect your testosterone levels? One study suggests that it may help prolong testosterone’s effects by slowing down how fast the body metabolizes it.

Testosterone in Women

Although testosterone in women is more prevalent than estrogen, its effects and what actually constitutes testosterone deficiency in women remains unclear.

Book Review: The Secret Female Hormone

In The Secret Female Hormone, Dr. Maupin observed positive effects in many aspects after treating her patients for testosterone deficiency

Book Review: Testosterone for Life

This book summarizes testosterone’s many vital roles in the body. Learn why Dr. Morgentaler believes it’s important to diagnose and treat testosterone deficiency in order to optimize health and well-being.

The Art of Replenishing Testosterone

What have professionals learned about replenishing testosterone? This article considers the interactions of testosterone with other hormones and the liver, looks at the supplements and natural products that might enhance testosterone’s function, and touches on lifestyle choices that may also affect testosterone levels.

Testosterone: A Heart-Healthy Hormone?

Few medical debates have been more contentious than the controversy surrounding testosterone replacement therapy and cardiovascular disease. This article investigates how maintaining optimal testosterone levels remains at the center of heart health for men.

Prostate Problems: Is Testosterone Really the Culprit?

Learn about the three primary health conditions that affect the prostate gland, as well as the possible causes, risks, and the connection to hormones including testosterone.

Can Testosterone Protect Against Breast Cancer?

Since testosterone can convert estrogen in the body, practitioners are sometimes hesitant to prescribe it, thinking that testosterone might increase a woman’s chance of getting breast cancer. A study designed by Dr. Rebecca Glaser and Constantine Dimitrakakis tests this assumption, leading to questions about whether testosterone might actually protect against breast cancer.

Testosterone: A Possible Treatment for Dry Eye Syndrome

Dr. David Sullivan has spent more than 32 years studying essential role androgens play in the health and vital functioning of tear-producing glands. His research suggests that testosterone deficiency contributes to tear instability, as well as increases evaporation of the oil component of the tear layer.

Diabetes and Testosterone

Testosterone deficiency has often been suspected in people with diabetes. This article examines a study that concluded that males with sexual performance issues and/or abdominal obesity and metabolic diseases should be tested for low testosterone.

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