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Women’s International Pharmacy was founded with a passion to find unique solutions to difficult health problems that traditional medicine could not treat. Since 1985 we have focused on custom-compounding bioidentical hormone therapies for women.

In June 2021, Belmar Pharma Solutions announced its acquisition of Women’s International Pharmacy, bringing together the two largest industry leaders in compounded bio-identical hormones for menopause treatment. The two organizations, both established in 1985, have spent decades focusing on providing expertise and support to healthcare providers who are dedicated to the science of individualized medicine, including the use of compounded bio-identical hormone therapy to customize treatments for a woman’s personal menopause experience.

One Goal, Thousands of Changed Lives: The Beginning of Women’s International Pharmacy

In 1985, Wallace (Wally) Simons, RPh, founded Women’s International Pharmacy (WIP) with the goal of treating women with PMS using oral progesterone. Wally used his scientific understanding of progesterone to benefit the women coming to his pharmacy from the “PMS Clinic” next door. According to Wally, there was so much controversy at the time that no one wanted to believe that PMS was a real problem, that progesterone had anything to do with it, or that oral doses of progesterone could be absorbed. Nonetheless, he jumped in—starting with one condition, one doctor, one preparation, and only one dosage strength—and thousands of women soon found relief.

Looking to the Future with Women’s International Pharmacy

Women’s International Pharmacy makes every decision with the unwavering commitment to helping individuals find solutions to their unique healthcare needs. Today our goals are the same as when we started: to use the highest-quality ingredients to compound a unique medication at a reasonable price and to support patients with exceptional customer service. Our experience has taught us that not all conditions may be addressed with “one-size-fits-all” solutions, and custom-compounded bioidentical hormone therapies may be beneficial.

We’ve come a long way since the early 1990s, with better tools for assessing different health conditions, as well as studies and ongoing research that have increased our understanding of how hormones interact with each other and how they affect different aspects of health. From just one hormone, dosage strength, and condition, we have expanded our services to meet the needs of both men and women of all ages, working with their healthcare practitioners to deal with a variety of hormone-related imbalances and conditions. We believe that every patient should be assessed by their practitioner and have the option to choose a treatment plan that is tailored to their body’s specific health requirements.

our story

Our Story

Women’s International Pharmacy has been caring for patients with hormone imbalance for over 30 years. We’re committed to providing quality products, customer service, and information on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

areas we serve

Areas We Serve

Women’s International Pharmacy helps patients across the country with their individual hormone replacement needs. We ship to all continental United States, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Guam.


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