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Refill Options

After receiving your initial prescription, we recommend that you reorder your prescription at least seven (7) days prior to needing your medication. Doing this may prevent unnecessary lapses in your therapy. You may reorder your prescription by using any one of the methods shown below. All orders will require payment at the time of order. If you are picking up an order at the pharmacy please make this request when you place your order and allow 3-5 days to process your prescription.


Our experienced billing representatives are  available to help you with any billing questions or needs.

ingredient list

Ingredient List

A variety of ingredient options are available for our custom-compounded medications. Download our Ingredient List PDF to view our selection of cream, gel, and natural cream bases, as well as the available flavors for drops or lozenges.

Hormone Testing Resources

Healthcare practitioner may perform appropriate testing to determine the best course of treatment for their patients. This page includes a list of laboratories that may be able to help identify possible hormone imbalances.