Hormone Information for Practitioners

Thank you for your interest and dedication to your patients in need of bioidentical hormone therapies (BHT). Women’s International Pharmacy (WIP) is committed to collaborating with healthcare practitioners to compound customized BHT medication to meet your patients’ needs. To learn more about us visit here. Partnering with WIP provides you with answers to questions like:

  • What is the difference between bioidentical and non-bioidentical hormones?
  • What scientific resources are available regarding prescribing compounded bioidentical hormones?
  • How do I begin prescribing bioidentical hormone therapies?
  • Is there educational support I can provide my patients?

If you have questions after reading this information, please reach out to our specialized compounding pharmacists by calling 800.279.5708, option 1.

For more information check out the resources below: All About Balance, Compounded BHT, Male Hormones, Prostate ProblemsDHEA